Slowing Down

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Slowing Down has been recorded to help you clean and clear your nervous system of electronic and energetic overload.


Use this meditation when you get tired, drained, frustrated and sick from toxic overload of too much energy, which ultimately drains you of life force energy.


"Where awareness goes, energy flows"


Many people are finding themselves run down and not able to work the way they used to, this coincides with doing more work online and spending countless hours on social media. These come with a cost as most people think working this way is easier than being face to face with people. It some ways this is true, but if you don't have extremely clear boundaries and understand how to keep your nervous system clean and clear, then you will start to feel your system being drained. I'm seeing people get sick overnight from this energetic overload, and some of these folks are quite young. So, this is a great time to check in and start working consistently to detox your body and nervous system of excess energy, and simultaneously work to recharge yourself with healthy self-generated love through this meditation.


Intro: 4:46 minutes

Meditation: 30:10 minutes


Release date: 1-16-18


Special thanks to Rob MacMullan for producing - recording, playing the music and mixing - this meditation

Addition thanks to Charlie Griak for his amazing artwork and graphics

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