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The Work comprises several levels of training with each facilitating healing and balancing in their own way. Breathwork interconnects these levels and enrich the healing work in a profound way. Other key aspects of the work focus on identifying, developing and nurturing intuition, focusing creative expression, and identifying and harnessing each individuals relationship and exchange with their environment and most of all Mother Earth. These combined tools provide a significant and sustainable healing for those who apply the work but also for the communities in which they exist.

Workshops and healing groups are shorter two to three-hour experiences where breathwork, creative expression and conscious exchange create a powerful introduction and healing opportunity for groups of people. These workshops are the active teaching in the Healer Training – Level 3 class.

In 2001 David created a series of Healer Training classes spread over four specific levels. His goal was to share his work with others not only to allow their own healing but to give them the knowledge to heal those around them.

Retreats are the community based application of the work that are set in various environments and locations around the world. These events are samplings of how to live, work, create and heal while respectfully engaging with Mother Earth.

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About David

About David Elliott

Doing something for twenty-five years you start to realize some truths about life and human nature. I’ve been focused on helping people, albeit reluctantly, at first. I don’t consider what I do to be that unique or exceptional, nevertheless I study life and nature in particular. I pay attention to why things grow, prosper and reach their potential. I love watching anything be nurtured and heal. People often allow their stories; their problems and trauma’s to define them. My work has been to act as a guide; to lead those who are suffering and to empower them to learn from their challenges and to use these same challenges to strengthen and get well again. Most can recover, thrive and ultimately help others. I have made a commitment to this journey. I have continued to use the pranayama breathing technique that I was introduced to in 1989 as a cornerstone in this work and I have studied the relationships of self-love, gratitude and creative expression as some of the consistent steps to helping people heal and grow. My exchange with others, my community and mother earth and the rewards that the work has brought fuels me in a profound way.

To choose love and to be more conscious of how to nurture ourselves, each other and mother nature is the greatest gift. It is the greatest reward and it is above all the greatest path to healing. I am grateful.

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