Develop your intuition.  Deepen your healing.  Discover your heart.

Five levels of training designed to empower the healer and leader within and take the healing experience of Pranayama Breath Work out into the world.  The Healer Training Series was created by David to help nurture healers as artists and leaders. As the classes developed and grew, David quickly realized the Healer Training Series was for anyone wanting to incorporate the message of healing in their life.  Attended by both body workers, business professionals and creative visionaries, the Healer Training Classes are an opportunity to accelerate change in your life and the lives of others. The classes have been expanded and modified to the virtual world due to COVID and limitation of working in person.

Please see the EVENTS page for the most current scheduling.

Level 1 – The basics.

Learn to hold space for others as you guide them in the 2-stage Pranayama Breath meditation. Exercises and partnered breakout sessions within the class are used to develop your connection to intuition, boost confidence around your gifts and talents as a healer, and open the heart to the power of self-love. Healer Training Level 1 includes hands on training and guidance with all of David’s healing tools and extensive discussion about the work, the breath and what it is to be a 'healer'.

Check the EVENTS page for the current offerings in cities and dates, as well as online classes. It is now required to take the classes in order Level 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.

An invaluable tool that helped me discover the essence of who I really am; (Healer Training) opens you to the magic of your intuition, energy, guides and value - Rita B..

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Level 2 – Self-Love, Exchange, Value & Worth.

A continuation of the work started in Healer Training Level 1. Level 2 further refines your technique as a healing artist and moves you further up the road as a human being. Extensive discussion and guidance is given by David around the topics of Self-Love, exchange, value, worth and money. This class has wide application and gets to the root of where you are stuck in life. The intention along with the material gently poke around in areas where you hold volatility and feel under-appreciated. It can have it's gritty moments, but overall the class is inspirational and fun. If you are ready to learn how these topics are all interrelated, you are ready to be set free.

Check the EVENTS page for additional cities and dates. Level 1 is a prerequisite for this class.

David really makes you dig deep, yet he always manages to throw in a little gentle humor to add some light to whatever path you're traveling. -Debbie T..

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Level 3 – Working with Groups

The work completed in Level 1 and 2 expands outward to groups. The goal of this class is to train students on how to host and hold space for a Pranayama Breath Work circle, and the content and curriculum extends to ALL groups encountered in life: from the family room to the board room and beyond. Focused discussions and partnered work are used to explore how to create topics for healing groups, what to do to prepare, how to show up, and ultimately, how to work with the energy of any group. Level 1 & 2 are prerequisites for this class. Check the EVENTS page for more info about classes.

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Level 4 & 5 – High Level Awareness

These two classes (one day each) complete the Healer Training series and is the final step in receiving certification from David as a trained Breath Work practitioner. The flow of the class is structured around answering deeper questions about the healing work and situations that may arise while sharing the breath with clients and groups. Many examples are given about how to stay clear and how to work at even higher levels of awareness. David goes in depth about all of his approaches to the work (how he sets up and uses an altar, deeper application of the tools, and specific ways to develop your intuition).

Healer Training Level 4 is truly never the same class twice. Check the EVENTS page for more info. Level 5 has recently been added with new material and covers a deeper awareness of what people hold in the body and some of the root causes of holding emotion, abuse, and trauma in the body
Level 4 & 5 is offered every year around the summer solstice in Joshua Tree. The group will utilize the energy of the desert to deepen the work)
*Requirement: this is an advanced class and requires completion of the other Levels with David or one of his approved teachers.

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