The library of meditations have been gestating inside of me since I began this work back in 1990. In the earliest sessions people asked me to make recordings so they could practice at home. The Introductory Breathing Meditation was finally recorded in 2005, followed by Cleanse, Manifest, Sexual Healing, Spiritual Practice, Romantic Love, The HEALING book series – Self-love as a Circle, Healing the Aggression Inside of Yourself, Finding the Truth Inside and The Last Meditation. Then the Entity Energy Release, Healing with Mother Earth, The Future Beyond 2012, Sacred Love, Abuse Addiction and Creative Obligation, Lineage Healing, and the most recent Mp3 release Slowing Down. Choose one that feels right for you, follow the instructions in the introduction as these are guided, active meditations - meaning you have to do the breathwork to derive the benefits.  

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