Dealing with Grief and Loss

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Dealing with Grief and Loss is my latest Mp3 recording. This recording takes you deeply into the grieving process and organically helps you let go of things you cannot control - i.e. the grief and sadness from losses including death. Even though this subject matter may be more comfortably ignored, we can never truly avoid the inevitable.


Some healing intention covered in this recording includes the losses of - family, friends, pets, and any other significant departures - as well as deep old losses held in the lineage from ancient times.


Special acknowledgment to Kathleen Smith for her recording, music and production of this Mp3.


Released 2020

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    Excellent Way to Release Grief

    Posted by Georgia on 7th Oct 2020

    This meditation facilitated a much needed release, especially this year. I came to it with the intention of processing the grief of my father's death and within the meditation I found it also especially helpful for releasing the loss of my old life, or life as I've known it before 2020, and the release of all the pain I've been carrying for so many losses this year. Thank you, David.

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    Goes very deep

    Posted by Borut Lesjak on 3rd May 2020

    Thank you, dear David, for another deep meditation!
    It helped me feel into the grief that I've been carrying for my mother my whole life, tucked beneath lots of anger and thinking. Some awareness opened up today during the meditation and I feel great healing is underway. Thank you again!

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    Thank you

    Posted by Jana on 3rd May 2020

    Dear David, many thanks for this meditation, which helped me already and will be my guide through the process of grieving for my dear sister. It is so difficult to go through grieving alone, and meditation can help me reach others, including my sister's spirit. Big love from Slovenia.

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