Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why am I having trouble playing your Mp3's on my Phone?

See the Technical Support page, but the short answer is Mp3's need to be downloaded on your computer first, stored in a folder or iTunes, then uploaded to phones or smart devices. Also you can login to your account anytime and re-download mp3 files from previous purchases. 

2. If I register for an Event and pay a deposit is it refundable, if I need to cancel?

If cancellations are communicated in a timely manner of at least one week prior to an Event I refund. If it's less than one week and prior to 24 hours before the Event then I give store credit. If it's less than 24 hours before the Event, the deposit is non-refundable

3. How can I learn more about the work you do?

Read either book - The Reluctant Healer, or HEALING

4. What should I do first? A private session, retreat or healer training class?

It depends on your need. If you need immediate healing, maybe a private session. If you want to learn how to do the healing work on yourself and then others, the Healer Training classes. If you want to experience a combination of all of the above then a retreat maybe the best experience.

5. Is Breathwork safe someone with medical issues? 

We don't make medical recommendations, always consult your doctor about medical conditions and an active meditation such as breathwork.

6. What's the difference in the Breathwork you teach and Holotropic breathing, Rebirthing, Circular Breathing, Transformational breathing?

I can only speak about the Breathwork I teach, and our main focus is to use the active breathing meditation to quiet the mind, to clear the emotions and open the heart. For some people this happens in ten to fifteen minutes, and on average fifteen to twenty minutes, once the heart is open I find the communication with one's spirit happens and much of the desired healing takes place. This practice is anchored in a heart space.

7. Do you sell your oils and sprays in stores?

Unfortunately I am not able to do much wholesaling because all of my products are prepared by hand. The products are in a few yoga studios where there is an alignment, but in very few other retail outlets.

8. How do you ship your products?

All orders ship Priority mail and go out in a timely manner. Most shipping materials are recycled with the exception of the Priority boxes and envelopes, and I reuse as many of those as I can too.

9. Where is your online book "The Baptism"? I was reading it on the old site and I'd like to continue. 

"The Baptism" is in the NEWS section.

10. Is the free PDF download of "HEALING" still available?

Yes, it's in the NEWS section.

11. If I have an account can I access my prior Mp3 downloads?

Yes, if you login to your account, click on orders, then go to the Mp3 you ordered and click on the Order#...., and the download should appear as a blue link. 


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