2020 Moving the Vision Forward

The vision behind the Creative Healing Arts Center will be re-emphasized in 2020 as there will be more focused efforts on the importance of taking care of Mother Earth and all of her precious resources. It's time for all of us to step forward, be accountable and use our creative expression to increase awareness about this fragile moment in history. What we thought was going to happen in future generations' lifetimes is happening now. Who knows what we can do to slow down and influence climate change, but I am one to believe that this moment of such extreme volatility can be offset by collective efforts and consciousness from all of us...starting with one good deed followed by another. In many of the ways that social networking has created many complexities in daily life maybe, just maybe it can be used to help unify a movement where we the people take a stand for what's really important - LIFE provided by Mother Earth.


2019 Programs and Projects Underway

1. What a change one year makes!  

Unlike recent years, 2019 has been one of the wetter years at the ranch in a long time. It started with some heavy, deep late snows from the winter and have carried forward with several spring rains. 




2. More Changes

In late 2018 we lost a ranch partner and dear friend, Bill Casto. It took the wind out of my sails for a few months in early 2019, but gradually my inspiration returned with the ranch and all of the projects there.


3. Re-establishing mountain grasslands

In 2019 we completed some government contract work with the:

a. Natural Resource Conversation Service (NRCS) - clearing of fourteen acres of mountain sage and reseeding with mountain grasses

b. Partners for Fish and Wildlife (PFW) - reseeded six acres of previously cleared and seeded land



In total we drilled close to twenty acres of new grassland


4. Erosion Control

We completed two different erosion control projects. One project consisted of smaller rock dam structures designed to slow the water flow down reducing the erosion effect of running water.