The Reluctant Lover Mp3

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The Reluctant Lover helps you reframe and learn to value the difficult lessons around love. I often say, "We have to learn what love is not before we can actually choose what love is meant to be."  This earth plane experience would be paradise if some of these lessons weren't so painful. I think it's important to value the lessons so we don't repeat them over and over again. This meditation will help you put a new perspective on past relationships, so you no longer need to be the reluctant lover!


Introduction: 5:25 mins

Meditation: 30:55 mins 

Released: 1-10-19


Special thanks and credit:

Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered by Kathleen Smith
Music composed by Kathleen Smith

Additional thanks to Charlie Griak for his amazing artwork and graphics 

Big hugs of support to Charlie Griak and Shawn Boyd for their steady breathing in the background


THE MEDITATIONS - the guided meditations are different than private session work. The imagery I am working with as I create the guided meditations is a person laying on their bed, under a blanket in a comfortable position with an eye mask on. I talk more in guided meditations than i do in private sessions because I want you (the breather) to feel safe with the accompaniment of my voice and guidance through emotional releases. These meditations only work if you lean into them with the active breathing, so if you are interested in doing the work and empowering yourself with your own healing then lean into them fully and practice often. Also there are many of the older meditations free on Spotify, use them as much as you want!" Lastly at any point if you feel like the energy is getting too strong and creating too much release or movement then slow the breathing down, breathe through the nose and even remove the eye mask. As you start thinking the energy will subside. If your hands get tight then make a fist and open the hands while affirming or saying out loud, "It is safe for me to open my heart and receive love". If the energy gets tight around your mouth you can affirm and say out loud, "It is safe for me to speak up and I have a lot to say!"



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  • 5
    Reluctant Lover

    Posted by Beth Hardin on 25th Feb 2019

    I love this mp3! I have breathed with it many times and will many more! It is a great self love gift. The art of healing with love is the ultimate joy. Thank you David for another great journey on this earth!

  • 5
    Reluctant Lover

    Posted by Cheri Verminski on 16th Feb 2019

    Grateful for this life challenge to release stuck energy and sift through patterns to emerge into healing sacred.

  • 5
    Saying NO and saying YES from self-love

    Posted by Borut Lesjak on 12th Jan 2019

    If you use just one guided meditation in your daily life, this is the one. Goes in directly and ever so softly yet powerfully. To me, it’s about saying no but also about saying yes! Boldly and lovingly saying no to everything I don’t choose to have in my field anymore, and saying yes to trusting life and love no matter what, clearly and vibrantly, through and through the resistance and denial.
    This is a stellar tool of the highest and deepest healing for the absolute beginners and the masters of breathwork alike.

  • 5
    Free at last!

    Posted by Danielle on 12th Jan 2019

    I ended my unhealthiest relationship 10 years ago but could still feel his energy around me from time to time...every few months he would appear in my dreams (or my email inbox)...after doing the Reluctant Lover meditation I dreamt that he and I signed "end of relationship" papers...whatever was still hanging on between us finally feels cleared! Thank you David for helping me make myself available for a healthy and loving relationship!

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