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ROMANTIC LOVE meditation will bring balance to your masculine & feminine energies resulting in the sweetness of romantic love! Use this meditation if you are looking to manifest romantic love into your life. 


Introduction: 5:55 mins

Meditation: 29:15 mins


Released: 1-1-2016


THE MEDITATIONS - the guided meditations are different than private session work. The imagery I am working with as I create the guided meditations is a person laying on their bed, under a blanket in a comfortable position with an eye mask on. I talk more in guided meditations than i do in private sessions because I want you (the breather) to feel safe with the accompaniment of my voice and guidance through emotional releases. These meditations only work if you lean into them with the active breathing, so if you are interested in doing the work and empowering yourself with your own healing then lean into them fully and practice often. Also there are many of the older meditations free on Spotify, use them as much as you want!" Lastly at any point if you feel like the energy is getting too strong and creating too much release or movement then slow the breathing down, breathe through the nose and even remove the eye mask. As you start thinking the energy will subside. If your hands get tight then make a fist and open the hands while affirming or saying out loud, "It is safe for me to open my heart and receive love". If the energy gets tight around your mouth you can affirm and say out loud, "It is safe for me to speak up and I have a lot to say!"




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  • 5
    Very deep work to open your heart

    Posted by Rebecca on 20th Sep 2016

    I was able to reach a very deep place within myself where I've been blocked, not able to trust, and issues my parents had. Afterwards I always feel light and my heart feels much more open and forgiving. I'm recommending it to all my friends!

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    Time and trust

    Posted by Candace Bowen on 26th Jul 2016

    I keep a journal of most meditations--I did this one today actually and my review will be my journal entry--It is the best way I know how to give what I have been given from following the pranayama meditation and Davids teachings.
    July 26, 2016
    I just did Romantic Love Meditation and now as I write this, the date I realize that I was married on July 27th, 1991, that would have been 25 years ago. Weird, cosmic stuff. I will have been divorced for nearly 16.5 years. When I was breathing in the scent of roses the rose bush that grew on the fence outside our kitchen window of our house on Miller Avenue in the Berkeley Hills, appeared. Antique roses--very delicate, maybe 5 petals, the softest of pink and the faint smell of sweetness. They were beautiful. I thought that was love but it was actually a very hard time in our marriage with a 9 month old baby, and secrets--the breakdown of our love for one another. It appeared during my meditation just like that. I haven't thought of that house or those roses in such a long time. It is difficult to embrace the essence of my father and my mother as a part of me. It is difficult to have them share the space inside my body. They do though--don't they? they were impossible externally. Physical--abusive. Emotional-abusive. Sexual-abusive. No guards, no boundaries everything splayed out all over the walls--except to the outside world--silence was key. oh it is hard to hold them inside of me so I am trying tolet them go. I did. I said Dad I let you go, I let go of your pain, your disease, your fear, yoyr anger, your control, your brutality, your guilt (scream) Mom I let go of your sadness, your victim, your manipulation, your revenge (cry). I think, I feel I am not quite ready for this meditation. I need to work more with sexual healing and entity release. I am not yet here. I do want love. Love for myself, love with another. It seems pretty crowded in my body--I need to release these "entities" and open up, open up my heart. Open it up. I saw a lotus. A lotus blooming in my heart. The white wings, white feathered wings opened up and the sky circle appeared again. It filled with sunlight and a flame was burning, burning warmly in my heart. Roots grew and all those little seeds opened. A lotus blossom in my heart. Much like billowing clouds powdery colors of pink, pinkish yellow, blues and purples swirled into each other while also maintaining the purity of one color. This was inside my body, co-existing as one: complete. If I drew an outline of my body in charcoal (which I may well do, as I have done it for many pieces) and I colored it in then you could see the swirling that I experienced. I see 'lots of visions while meditating if I could only replicate it in physical form-Breathe. My little brown dog, Iggy visited me while I was actively breathing. He is alive. He gave me little dog kisses one on the cheek, one on my left palm, one on my left thigh and one each on the soles of my feet and then he curled up against my left leg. Sweetness. Calling in love, some love for me and there was the little brown dog. I think he could hear David's voice in the ear plugs in my ears. Sweet. Shall I just say it is all worth the work, do the meditations with David.

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    Very powerful way to open your heart center

    Posted by Lisa on 15th Feb 2016

    This is a wonderful clearing, grounding and freeing meditation. It is helpful for romantic love yet it is more to increase self-love and appreciation to then be more heart centered to be open to others. Highly recommend!

  • 5
    Very powerful!

    Posted by Andrea on 12th Oct 2014

    This was just a very powerful and very healing breathwork meditation!

    Thank you so much for the work you do David, so appreciate it!

    Much love ?? Andrea

  • 5
    An heart opener

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Sep 2014

    I really enjoyed doing this meditation. The breathing and visualization are very powerful!

  • 5
    My new favorite

    Posted by Danielle on 11th Sep 2014

    I own all of David's recordings...finding each one to be special and healing in it's own way. The Romantic Love recording helped heal several issues that I had been working on for a long time. It also showed me areas where I didn't even know I was blocked...I have been able to connect the dots on why my relationships in the past haven't worked and find the core aspect that needed my love. It has also shifted my focus from looking for a romantic partner to learning to love myself even more. I highly recommend this recording to anyone, single or in a relationship!

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