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This CD by David Elliott holds a strong intention to help you manifest. Diligent use as part of your spiritual practice will enable you to heal, get in touch with your energy, and connect you to the bigger picture of purpose in your life. Explore the power of the two-stage Pranayama breath meditation as you connect deeper into your creative potential to manifest in this world.


Introduction: 5:30 mins

Meditation: 31:14 mins


Released: 12-21-2010

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    Manifest MP3

    Posted by Karin Brown on 13th Jul 2019

    I am absolutely in love with these teachings. I have done breathwork in the past & it literally changed my life. It was done with a facilitator in a very intensive workshop. I have not been in the practice for quite some time and was feeling so called to get back into it as I was feeling so blocked and disconnected from my body & spiritually lately but I did not know where to go to get back into it. I recently found David Elliott through a podcast he was interviewed on & so I went to his website to find out more. I found that I could download his teachings & do them on my own along with his guidance on the recording. I love them so much! I do them almost every day & I feel so much more present & connected to myself & also with Spirit. David is amazing! This is now my favorite "go to" as my meditation practice! Breathwork is everything! Thank you, David, for offering this amazing tool!! I am officially hooked! :)

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    A Clear, Powerful Guide!

    Posted by Rob on 18th Jan 2018

    This is one of the clearest and most gentle meditations that I've practiced with David, and I really love it. Whether I need to manifest a shift in my mind, my emotions, my financial support system, or greater visions for the future, this is a strong ally in opening up the pathways. Thank you, David!

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    Creativity, Joy, and Peace!

    Posted by Robin Bruce on 28th Nov 2016

    As with all the meditations, this one works on so many levels other than the intention in the title. Yes, this helps with manifestation AND it also supports freedom of expression and creativity! I've found that it releases me from linear thinking about 'making a living' into a joyful experience of creating and receiving. I was skeptical when I tried this meditation, but through regular practice with it, I feel a decrease in anxiety around money and an increase in faith in my abilities. It's good! Do it!

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    Posted by Unknown on 24th Feb 2014

    This is my first meditation cd from David. I've done workshops with him in the past, and his voice, guidance and insight is perfect for this type of work. Sweetly and gently leading me into a meditation on manifesting abundance and goodness in my life.

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    Best One yet!!

    Posted by Jon Paul Crimi on 19th Dec 2012

    I now have five mediation tracks and this one is my favorite.

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