Breathing Meditation (introductory) MP3

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The Breathing Meditation is my first recorded breathwork meditation and is designed to relax and connect you to your energy. The more you are connected to your energy, the more clear you will be. The breathwork is Pranayama yoga, an ancient meditation practiced in the East for many centuries. As you follow along with the Breathing Meditation your energy will rise, and you will start to vibrate and feel your energy very clearly. It will be a very powerful healing process, and it will also be safe and gentle in your own environment. Enjoy yourself and have fun healing!

Track notes:
1. Introduction 9:04
2. Breathing Meditation 28:06

* This Breathing Meditation is very effective, and it requires you to do the breathing meditation to derive the benefits. It's an interactive spiritual process not a mental one. This original introductory meditation MP3 teaches you how to use your energy to heal.


Released: March 2004

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  • 5
    love this

    Posted by Julia t on 13th Nov 2016

    This is my favorite meditation cd- Davids voice is so grounding and relaxing and the breathing meditation really gets me into my body and out of my head. five stars. Also love the other CDS

  • 5
    Wonderful introduction to breath work and the holistic benefits it offers

    Posted by Lisa on 21st Jan 2016

    Even if you have practiced breath work through yoga or other healing practices, I strongly recommend this as a good foundation to guide you through the pace before working more deeply with another album. It is a wonderful complement to a daily practice or stands alone by itself. For those who aren't comfortable or used to doing meditation or breath work, it is a great entry point especially. Highly recommended for those seeking a good foundation practice to delve into meditation more deeply or increase their healing journey.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Oct 2015

    A dear friend of mine brought David Elliot's meditations into my life and I am forever grateful. His voice is authentic and present, leading into a powerful active meditation that keeps me buzzing the entire day. I look forward to learning and carrying these teachings with me on my journey.

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