Sacred Love Meditation

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SACRED LOVE meditation is the progression of many years of looking at "Love" as the key to everything. As I explain in the Introduction of this mp3, and as I wrote about in HEALING, I believe self-love is the cornerstone to health and well-being. Until recently I felt that self-love was the complete package in that it freed you to be in harmony with others in all relationships. But there was always this elixir of love that I referred to in romantic relationships as the "sprinkles on the cupcake" and even though I look at this as being a result of self-love, this perspective doesn't fully represent all of the potential of love. I now understand this to be the sacred aspect to love in committed partnership with another. I am experiencing this in my relationship with my wife and wanted to share this with you in this very special meditation that I am calling Sacred Love. Please enjoy the subtle sweetness of this meditation and may it help you explore and create the next level to sacred love in your life. Love to you! David


Introduction: 5:46 mins

Meditation: 32:10 mins


Release date: 1-1-17


Special thanks to Rob MacMullan for recording, playing the music and mixing this meditation

Addition thanks to Charlie Griak for his amazing artwork and graphics


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