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SACRED LOVE meditation is the progression of many years of looking at "Love" as the key to everything. As I explain in the Introduction of this mp3, and as I wrote about in HEALING, I believe self-love is the cornerstone to health and well-being. Until recently I felt that self-love was the complete package in that it freed you to be in harmony with others in all relationships. But there was always this elixir of love that I referred to in romantic relationships as the "sprinkles on the cupcake" and even though I look at this as being a result of self-love, this perspective doesn't fully represent all of the potential of love. I now understand this to be the sacred aspect to love in committed partnership with another. I am experiencing this in my relationship with my wife and wanted to share this with you in this very special meditation that I am calling Sacred Love. Please enjoy the subtle sweetness of this meditation and may it help you explore and create the next level to sacred love in your life. Love to you! David


Introduction: 5:46 mins

Meditation: 32:10 mins


Special thanks to Rob MacMullan for recording, playing the music and mixing this meditation

Additional thanks to Charlie Griak for his amazing artwork and graphics


THE MEDITATIONS - the guided meditations are different than private session work. The imagery I am working with as I create the guided meditations is a person laying on their bed, under a blanket in a comfortable position with an eye mask on. I talk more in guided meditations than i do in private sessions because I want you (the breather) to feel safe with the accompaniment of my voice and guidance through emotional releases. These meditations only work if you lean into them with the active breathing, so if you are interested in doing the work and empowering yourself with your own healing then lean into them fully and practice often. Also there are many of the older meditations free on Spotify, use them as much as you want!" Lastly at any point if you feel like the energy is getting too strong and creating too much release or movement then slow the breathing down, breathe through the nose and even remove the eye mask. As you start thinking the energy will subside. If your hands get tight then make a fist and open the hands while affirming or saying out loud, "It is safe for me to open my heart and receive love". If the energy gets tight around your mouth you can affirm and say out loud, "It is safe for me to speak up and I have a lot to say!"


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    I am Blessed. Love it

    Posted by Mark on 28th Jan 2024

    I am blessed

  • 5
    David's Best Meditation Yet!

    Posted by Melodee Solomon on 30th Jan 2017

    I'm a big fan of David's work. The Sacred Love meditation blew my heart wide open, more than any of his other meditations! There is a subtle energy in the recording that invites vulnerability and openness (and I can be pretty guarded around my heart in romantic love!) At the end of the meditation, I felt a big release around my heart and shed a bunch of old fears and tears. I opened up to a new level of vulnerability, and it felt good. It's been a week since I've done the meditation and I feel in awe/love/on the verge of tears at nothing and everything, in a good way! I love that as David grows and evolves as a person, his work also grows and develops. This meditation will really help you see the sacredness in everything within and around you ?? In my opinion, this is one of his BEST meditations ever!

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    Sacred Traveling Together

    Posted by Jana on 28th Jan 2017

    I have done this meditation together with my husband Borut for 5 times now, as we both want to live happy lives next to each other, and raise our children together.
    Borut and myself have had hard times during our 10years relationship and marriage, as we struggled with our own shadows while triggering each other to be the ugliest versions of us.
    This meditation has opened a space for us to be grateful for our good times and versions, to appreciate what we have achieved together, to hold hands while mirroring each other's fears and emotions.
    Last but not least, this meditation has made me feel my own vibration together with the vibration of "us together". When connecting with Borut's heart through endless figure 8, I have felt the vibration so strong as never before. It gave me such hope for us. I felt that I do not have to loose myself in Borut to feel us together. I can start my new journey of sacred love while in my power, as a woman.
    Lara and David, BRAVO and thank you and see you soon!! Much gratitude for opening up and opening space for lots of others!!

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    Sacred Healing Indeed!

    Posted by Borut Lesjak on 26th Jan 2017

    The energy of this meditation has the highest vibration I have ever experienced. It never fails to open my heart completely. I used it only a few times by now and it has already helped me going deeper into my shadows than anything before, and not just facing my shadows but also opening up to them and healing them. It inspired me to go beyond my shame that used to block my self-expression, also around feeling not being enough and not being deserving of love. It demonstrated to me a vibration of self-love and a sacred love on top of that. And just today, it revealed some trapped energies within me that keep telling me that I desperately need them in order to love myself into completion, whereas in fact they are probably the last remaining block keeping me away from just that.

    David, I am more than grateful for all of your help and meditations, and this one is definitely the most powerful, so far! Thank you!

    LOVE, Borut

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    Held in the heart of the Beloved

    Posted by Dani on 26th Jan 2017

    The first time I did this meditation I felt electricity shooting thru my hip bones releasing old sexual energy. I felt my heart open deeper and wider than it had in the past...especially in the back, increasing my ability to receive love. By the end of the meditation I could feel the arms of my beloved around me...and since then I continue to have dreams of his arrival. This meditation is gentler, softer, and sweeter than David's other ones, yet somehow magically more powerful. This one has become my new favorite!

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    The music of it

    Posted by Neno, Croatia on 25th Jan 2017

    Very kind, romantic, and beautiful. I love the music, too. I've just finished reading the book "The afterlife of Billy Fingers" by Annie Kagan and in it Annie talks to her deceased brother, she is channeling him. At one point he said to her that it's not that important what we do or how we live, but the music of it. Our actions, our decisions, our love is the music we compose and later on we keep playing it.

    In this meditation we can awake our part in the totality of love among partners. Any relationship is like a balloon and "the music of it" is the very center of it. What radiates from there is the core of that relationship and our mission is to let it flow freely. In this meditation we can become aware of the Source of self-love which then splits itself into love for others, travels further away and learns more and more what love really is. Later on we listen to that same music which returns and teaches us of its journeys.

    If we work on awareness of the Source within, we can use its energy, purity and intention to heal all of our ideas, concepts, programs about love which are blocking us to love unconditionally. Unconditional love is not kind of love where we love without any conditions, but when we accept unconditionally. This task is fed from the energy of self-love and that's our part in the totality of love among partners. Thank you David!

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