The Reluctant Healer - audio book

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This is the audio version of The Reluctant Healer. I hope you enjoy my reading of the text and telling the stories that lead me into becoming a healer.

I also encourage you to consider the Audible version because it's a better platform for phones, nevertheless if you download this version it's best to download to your computer then upload to other devices.

I wrote this book to be a guide for all of you healers out there. I believe we are all healers in some role, in some relationship in our lives and that most of us need clarity on how to handle these roles. My intention is to make healing accessible to anyone with this book. Whether you heal or want to be healed. The power lies within you. It is appealing to both novice and professional healers alike. This is an informal handbook, illustrated with helpful diagrams, invaluable tool suggestions, and candid description of client healing sessions. The Reluctant Healer is truly a healing handbook for everyone, awakening the healer within each of us.

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