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This is the audio version of HEALING read by the author, David Elliott.

* HEALING is available to download through the website, however the best interface is through Audible and the Audible version includes all 4 meditations, so I encourage their platform for the best listening experience. If you purchase the book here please download to a computer and store in iTunes or the cloud and then upload to phones.


What if you could heal yourself of any illness, addiction, or chronic condition? How much freedom would you experience if you were not dependent on health care? How empowered would you feel if you had the keys to healing, not only on the physical level, but on emotional, mental and spiritual levels as well? 


HEALING, the second book by healer and author David Elliott, is a comprehensive and thorough exploration of the limitless potential within you to discover the healing you have been searching for. 


  • Clear instruction and guidance on how to develop your own ability to heal
  • Examples and stories from David's 20 years working as a healer
  • Over 30 exercises, meditations and numerous diagrams to help the reader
  • Includes the four meditations described in the book


 *Download Mp3's to your computer and store in a folder or in iTunes, then upload to other devices (phones). Product delivered in zip format. Click on download to unzip. Email david@davidelliott.com if you have any issues and I will help you out. Thanks, David

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    Posted by Rob Stark on 14th Nov 2017

    I originally downloaded the book/mp3 to prepare for a healer training session. Since then I have found myself returning to it again and again. David eloquently lays out a way of engaging with the world, the universe, and developing an awareness that can enrich our being in such a profound way. As with any material of this kind there is work that we are encouraged to do and I have felt the those deeper and richer benefits but I was also aware of how much healing begin immediately. I hope you find joy in it as I have.

  • 5

    Posted by Frank Salazar on 31st Aug 2017

    I purchased the book and enjoyed the reading but I decided to give the MP3 a go because I can listen to it while driving to and from work. Wow! I was able to retain so much more, plus David has a pretty smooth delivery while reading the book to you. Super happy with my purchase and I would highly recommend it to everyone.

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