4th Chakra Open Heart

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Soften. Expand. Love.

 The healing of the planet starts inside you. The first destination? The heart. Open Heart pure essential oil blend is the gentle reminder to come home and breathe into the most powerful energy center of the body. Premium grade rose oils, jasmine, bergamot and ylang ylang merge together to help soften the 4th chakra and allow the spirit and body to open fully to the truth of Self-Love. David hand blends Open Heart with his commitment, passion and intention to spread the message of Self-Love across the planet.

To Use: Imagine the truth of your spirit merging into your body as you gently apply one drop of Open Heart to the center of your upper chest. Breathe deep and let the connection to love flow. Use on the inner wrist and gently apply to throat as a daily reminder to extend and speak love.

Available as a spray for your home or office. Keep next to a copy of HEALING and apply before answering exercise #1: Write down all the ways you love yourself.

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    Posted by AnnMarie C. on 24th May 2022

    The smell of this oil opens both heart and mind. It’s my favorite. This helps us keep open hearted for ourselves for when we are beautiful things flow

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    Best chakra oil I’ve used.

    Posted by Valerie Swift Bird on 29th Oct 2021

    David Elliot is a gifted talented and special person so his chakra oils are the loveliest in my opinion on the market. When I use them I feel my spirit is Lifted

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    Rose scented open heart

    Posted by Jessica Millar on 22nd Oct 2020

    There is a reason the rose comes up so often in reference to love. I have been using this for myself for about a week. It gives everything a deeper and higher dimensional quality and for me right now is amplifying my own sense of opening up and appreciating and loving my physical body.

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    Open Heart Essential Oil

    Posted by Tania Welch on 14th Aug 2019

    Feels like a sweet, devotional act every time I use this beautiful oil. Knowing that it was crafted with deep, loving intention and care makes it even more wonderful. Thank you David!

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    heart felt offering.,.

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Oct 2014

    This beautiful offering from David Elliott inspires and reminds me to stay in my heart and always keep it open. I chase my kids around until I can rub a few drops on them, ensuring us of a heart centered time together. Now it is a game we play.
    I love this oil, so tenderly crafted by this amazing healer.

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    Heart-opener of love and truth

    Posted by Merrilee Burke on 17th Apr 2013

    My experience in placing the oil that smells like a pure perfume of roses-placing upon my heart and higher heart and also on my back at the heart center-is quite amazing. It is purifying and clearing. I regain my sense of peace and ability to speak my truth.

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    I love this oil!

    Posted by Veronica on 13th Aug 2012

    I LOVE all of David Elliot's oils but this blend is my favorite. I have used countless aromatherapy oils in the past but this brand surpasses all others in quality AND energy. Only one tiny drop is needed to feel its potency! I put it on my heart chakra when I need a reminder to drop into my heart space and experience my true nature.

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