Abuse, Addiction & Creative Obligation Meditation

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Abuse, Addiction & Creative Obligation is the one of the newest meditation released by David Elliott.


"This is a powerful meditation, and I have put twenty-five years of healing work into the message in this recording. I have studied the connection of abuse to addiction and the potential for extreme amounts of creative abilities. Therefore the intention of this meditation is to help you understand these connections as well as some of the obligations you may have to use your creativity to the point of obligation, and this is where this line in the meditation comes from. "You either use your creativity, or it will use you!"


Introduction: 8:44 minutes

Breathing Meditation: 29:06 minutes


Release date: 1-1-18


Special thanks to Rob MacMullan for producing - recording, playing the music and mixing - this meditation

Addition thanks to Charlie Griak for his amazing artwork and graphics

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