Entity Energy Release - Part 2 - Mp3

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The Entity Energy Release - Part 2 meditation focuses on sexual abuse energy as a major entity. This Mp3 has been a long time in the making like the first Entity meditation. We have made some artisitic choices with the music to facilitate the impact of this meditation. Don't rush, try to give yourself an hour to work with this Mp3. This is one you will want to go deep and take your time with. If distractions come in and try to pull you out of the practice refocus and go back to the breath. Where awareness goes, energy flows!


I highly recommend you work with both Entity meditations as they will compliment each other in the areas of uncovering the unconscious energies that disturb and distract you from your life. If much deep stuff gets stirred up in these processes I also encourage you to read THE RELUCTANT HEALER, as well as HEALING.


Introduction: 13:18 mins

Meditation: 33:26 mins



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    Mackensey Smith

    Posted by Mackensey Smith on 17th Feb 2020

    This work has been a key component to my healing. A powerful offering that I can't recommend enough to anyone looking to heal from abuse.

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    Posted by Kenneth Herbert on 29th Jan 2017

    I found this meditation to be very powerful. I have worked with Entity 1 as well but found Entity 2 to be more powerful and helpful due to the sexual abuse energy trapped within my body. I was able to visualize and locate stuck dark energy. I have had intense experiences with this meditation and have used it multiple time. Each time I have had healing experiences. I am glad I am able to add this to my toolbox. I am very grateful for the work that went into putting Entity 2 together.

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    Great complement to Entity Release 1

    Posted by Lisa on 15th Feb 2016

    I have used both this and the entity release 1 and if you are finding more 'stuck-ness' this is a great tool to release stored energy that isn't supportive for your highest and greatest good.

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    entity release II

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Jan 2016

    I been practicing the Breathwork for a while and this meditation is one of the most powerfull. In the cd david Elliot presents and guide with such an ease but focus how to release that unwanted energy and bring it back the power of choose.
    Been sexually abuse as a child this cd is precious tool To release and forgive. Thank you David.

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    Posted by Borut Lesjak on 18th Dec 2013

    This one goes deeeeep, deeper than any rabbit hole out there, for me. Met a lot of resistance at the beginning and throughout. Opened my heart, especially at places of "love them to death" and "if it is not uplifting you, it is probably not love". Learning to accept myself. Even, to love myself.
    I am focusing on everything that is uplifting in my life from this moment on. There is so much of it. So very very much...
    Thank you, David, and thank you, everybody else who breatheweave together this marvelous network of unconditional love. <3

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