Healing With Mother Earth As Your Guide MP3

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Healing with Mother Earth as your Guide is very near and dear to my heart because Mother Earth is my guide, and I know this meditation will be very helpful to your healing process!


The proceeds from this MP3 have been donated to the Creative Healing Arts Center, so please download it and spread the word! Thank you, David


Introduction: 3:40 mins

Meditation: 28:23 mins


Released: 2015

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    Healing With Mother Earth As Your Guide

    Posted by Daniel Jackson on 13th Nov 2021

    This meditation and breathwork really allowed me to let go into the love of our sacred mother, pachamama, Lady Gaias love and embrace.. its perfect for letting go in love and trust and going back home to the love of the earth, grounded and balanced

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    Posted by Unknown on 25th May 2019

    Beautiful healing meditation that truly connects you to Mother Earth

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    Thank You!

    Posted by Julia on 19th Jan 2013

    Hi David, I am so very thankful for you, for Mother Earth, and for "Healing With Mother Earth As Your Guide".

    Living in the desert of AZ for over 5 yrs now and missing CA's Mother Ocean so much, I'd spent so much of this time here so much of my time grumbling, complaining, and falling into a depression here.

    Spending time with Mother Earth each morning by way of this meditation is helping me get back to that place within me, my heart, and loving, honoring, and moving into deep relationship again, with her. For the desert is who Mother Earth is as well.

    I am also finding that, as I spend more time with Mother Earth in meditation, and with her on her desert land, my allergies (caused by my resistance to the desert) are dissipating, as well.

    Thank you!

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    The subtlest and most powerful meditation ever

    Posted by Borut Lesjak on 31st Dec 2012

    I love this new meditation!
    It is the perfect companion to the other two, the Entity Enegry Release and The Future Beyond 2012.
    This one is perhaps the most subtle, indescribable, of them all.
    The first three times I did it, I fell asleep. I went deep.
    I can really feel how the healing takes place with the loving and gentle support of our Mother Earth.
    We all waited for this meditation and we all need it very much.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, David! <3

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    Old, familiar, so good energies

    Posted by Maja on 29th Dec 2012

    This meditation reveals old, very familiar energies that I forgot all about. Feels like I knew these energies before I was born and I can feel the words on the tip of my tongue, but can not articulate the meaning. It is such a good feeling to bath in these energies.
    Another aspect that is very strong is feeling the motherly love from the Earth. Her warm, smiling presence, support at all times. Her message: I love you from within. You are beautiful.

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    Posted by Luca Tarulli on 27th Dec 2012

    I like this meditation. It helps me to connect with Mother Earth in a simple way.
    The voice of David has become a familiar guide through daily practice.

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    Powerful Healing with a Meditation that Travels in You with Mother Earth

    Posted by Jackie on 21st Dec 2012

    It is a meditation that sets motion to a journey within you as you connect to Mother Earth even deeper. I felt as though I was being born from Mother Earth's womb, with the sounds in it I felt connected outside of her and then returning to her and to all my surroundings. What a wonderful, powerful meditation, soothing, gentle and all knowing. It is a journey for where I felt birth, life and death, in a cycle of beginnings.

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