6th chakra Foresight

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Perceive. Clarify. Unveil.

Cut through the illusion of separation and ego to unveil the Power of Love. Foresight pure essential oil blend helps to move vision beyond the physical realm and reach into the deeper dimensions of light and truth through the third eye and 6th chakra. Frankincense, lavender, cedar and clary sage are hand blended by David to help bring clarity and clairvoyant perception to those who want to anchor their vision in spirit and love.

To use: Carefully apply one to two drops of Foresight to the center of the forehead, over the third eye. Imagine this energy center awakening and opening to the truth beyond physical form. As your perception opens to new realities, connect this energy to love and allow yourself to see the brilliance of others in a new light.

Partner with the Clarity Spray for your home or office. The lavender and clary sage of this blend make for a deeply therapeutic and calming bath. Pour ten to twelve drops into the flow of bath water and soak in the aroma and intention of Foresight.

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