7th chakra Ascension

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Illuminate. Ascend. Unite.

You are a brilliant container for truth and love. All you have to do is open your crown to receive the Universal Energy Flow of spirit. Ascension pure essential oil blend unites the sacred energy of frankincense with the earthy connection of cedar, lavender and spikenard to help open the 7th chakra. This is the first oil David will typically use during a healing session and carries a strong intention for channeling the light of higher consciousness into the physical form.

To use: Pour one to two drops of Ascension onto fingertips and gently work into the top of the crown. Imagine the blend of oils helping to engage and open the 7th chakra. Visualize the white light of consciousness and spirit flowing down to all your chakras and use this energy to revive your body and create loving boundaries.

Partner with the Enlighten Spray for your home or office. Ascension is a natural companion to Grounding pure essential oil blend as the more rooted and grounded the body is, the more space light and spirit have to expand and interact with the world. 

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