5th chakra Expression

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Communicate. Amplify. Truth.

 For those who have something to say, write, paint, sing, act or dance. Expression pure essential oil is an inspired blend of lavender, cedar and mandarin to unlock the poetic soul to the healing power of creativity. Remember your connection to the infinite flow of Universal Energy and let Expression enable your voice to achieve its highest potential and artistry. This blend is a natural extension of the years of work David has done with thousands of talented artists and creators.

To Use:  Smooth three to four drops of Expression gently across the front of the throat and take a moment to remember the truth of your spirit. Communicate and share this truth with others. Exchange love with your creativity and acknowledge it as a brilliant short cut to healing.

Available as a spray for your home or office. Expression works exceptionally well in partnership with Sexual Healing and Foresight pure essential oil blends in the body. Combine all three to help inspire and support the flow of your creative expression.

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    Helpful for Healing Expression

    Posted by Samantha on 5th May 2020

    This essential oil blend has been so helpful! I put a few drops on my throat chakra before I speak, do breathwork, and write. It's helped me open up and embrace my truth. It smells incredible too!

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    Posted by Brian Jacobs on 9th May 2019

    5th Chakra Expression Blend is a favorite by a vast majority of clients. People have commented how much they enjoy this blend as it stays with them throughout the day and reverbiates the session. Love this product!

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    Expression Oil to the Rescue

    Posted by Abigail Jaye on 19th Oct 2014

    A friend who comes to my breath circles asked me what the oil is that I put on her throat chakra. Her husband, a musician, was having coughing problems while trying to sing. I'd given her a small vial of it for him to try. She reported that it was indeed, helping him. She said she used it too, and it seemed to ease headaches she occasionally gets.

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