Deluxe Spray Collection

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The Deluxe Collection of sprays includes all of the essential sprays I use in the healing work.

Sprays are an elemental way to bring the plant (Mother Earth) energy mixed with water and air to a person and space. There are many uses for the various sprays and some are listed below, as well there are individual descriptions written for each spray which is slightly different than what I have written below. Many times we will use 2-3 sprays to create a synergistic intention for group work in particular and this is also included below.

Grounding Spray - is used to help connect to Mother Earth. I use this spray on hikes to help keep people grounded after ceremonies and the return hikes, as well it is use in classes when the group get ungrounded or deep trauma has been activated. Lastly I may spray a few mists around a person at the end of a powerful private healing session to help ground them before they head home.

Sexual Healing Spray - is used to help clear energy w/ the second chakra focusing on clearing sexual abuse energy and any stagnant or confusing sexual energies.

Flow Spray - is used to help open a natural Universal flow of energy clearing stagnant or stuck energy with a person or space.

Open Heart Spray - a very special heart opening spray used around people privately and in groups while breathing. Additionally it is used to set a heart opening tone in a healing space prior to the work.

Expression Spray - is used where more expression is needed in particular with people holding back their voices and not expressing themselves. It is also used prior to group work in a space to help open and hold the container for it to be SAFE to be seen and heard for who you are.

Clarity Spray - is used as one of my favorite sprays before group work to set the tone for clarity in our work together. Oftentimes we use Grounding and Clarity as a space holder energy for groups.

Enlighten Spray - is used when we are connecting to the greater Universe and the Heaven's above. Opening the crown and creating a feeling of connection and belonging.

Manifestation Spray - is used in all ways of inviting in and manifestation - creating feelings of abundance and exchange. I use this spray every day and set intention for my day as I spray a couple of mists over my body. As well it is used daily in the group setting when I am teaching the Level 2 class which focuses on exchange and the flow of those energies. I use the spray in private sessions (just a light mist) when it feels like a person is hitting against limiting thoughts and beliefs, and in those moments help them affirm a more expansive choice.

Creation Spray - is used to help with the birthing of creative expression. In particular with the writing of books, articles, posts, music, scripts, as well as all forms of creation including dance, painting, sculpture, acting, etc. There's a very special blend of New Mexico plants I relate to deeply in this spray from the high desert NM sage, Pinon and Juniper oils. 

Cleanse Spray - is used for all things that need cleansing and clearing. This is one of my most used sprays to cleanse personal spaces, hotel rooms, healing spaces, cars, my seat and space on a plane, etc. I carry the spray in my backpack everywhere. I put some of the spray in smaller 2 oz misters for the plane.



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    Deluxe Spray Collection

    Posted by Susan on 24th Jan 2024

    Outstanding - highly recommend for daily use to support enhancing the way we are with ourselves, each other and the world and as part of everyday spiritual practice

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