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These are the hard workers in my life and healing practice. I use Manifestation every morning, I use Cleanse to cleanse a room especially if there's stagnant energy that needs cleansing, and I use Creation to get the creative juices flowing. The three sprays compliment each other and do a lot of hard work to make my life easier.

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    Sooooo good

    Posted by Cassie R on 15th Oct 2023

    Love using these in my yoga classes and around my home. The smell is subtle and perfect.

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    Posted by Ashley on 17th Sep 2021

    I use Manifestation everyday. I also Have sanity that I keep In my car. My only thought is I wish the scent lasted longer (Like all day) but the concentrated oils do.

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    David’s Most Used Sprays

    Posted by G Williams on 5th Jun 2021

    I am wrapping up my thesis and am using these sprays to prepare my space, be more creative and staying focused. The aromas are amazing and uplifting! I now have a ritual and my thesis is coming together really well.

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    Cleanse, Manifestation, Creation

    Posted by Jessica on 22nd Oct 2020

    Yay! These sprays are transforming my daily life into more of a playful, sacred dance. Some of it comes with the intention that occurs as I spray, but there is also such a wonderful stimulation that I feel often on my whole exposed skin as well as the evocative nature of scent. The cleanse spray is so far my favorite, perhaps because I've been cleaning up our house ('everything has a place, everything in its place') in order to have the joy of using it.

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    Such a gift!

    Posted by J on 13th Jul 2019

    I am an avid fan of all of David's products---I have been using his CDs and oils for quite some time now. These sprays are a beautiful accompaniment, which nicely help me quickly cultivate a peaceful space.

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    Posted by Tiffany Curren on 4th Sep 2018

    These sprays are great! I have a Manifestation spray but use it daily so I bought another (never want to run out!). The cleanse spray is great to use when working with clients, as a quick cleaning with smudge, and I am very excited to use Creation spray when I am working on projects. Thanks, David!

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