Spirit and Alliances

Spirit and Alliances

Posted by David Elliott on 28th May 2018

This is a revised piece of writing that I felt was important to bring to my new website. It is so basic to the way I think and teach that I should probably list it on the FAQ's page!

Several people have asked, "How do you work with spirit?"

  • Can you teach me?
  • How do you get other people to feel spirit?
  • Where does spirit come from?

I have been contemplating these questions for a while - and I qualify that my understanding of spirit is unique to me and has little dogma or ideology to it. The simplicity is I feel it. It moves through my nervous system as goose bumps and always gets my attention, and lately I've been modifying my often used phrase:

"Where awareness goes, energy flows" to "Where energy flows, awareness grows"

So the questions keep coming about how others (those wanting to teach in particular) can be taught to access spirit?

But first I should back up to what spirit is for me and in my definition I laugh realizing I have to use words (i.e. spirit, faith, and grace) that come from structured ideology to give an understanding of what I experience as spirit. This is some of the dilemma describing something so vast as spirit without falling into known terminology. With all of that said...for me spirit is energy, it moves into and through my body and awareness, it does this with a certain consciousness. Sometimes the goosebumps I feel are inspired by wind blowing across my face, and heat or chills moving along my spine. Hummingbirds or hawks often fly close by, and all of these occurrences end up feeding my intuition. I recognize my intuition as being driven by spirit, and ultimately many of these occurrences happen because of the alliance I have with an energy or the thing that gets my attention.

Alliances with the various kingdoms - winged, 4-legged, insect, mineral, elemental, color-blueprint-symbol, reptile, water beings, shell, and plant - create the relationship for an exchange of awareness to happen and for the Universal Energy to Flow, which I also refer to as spirit. The Universal Energy is something tangible that moves powerfully through my nervous system. It is undeniable and it is the basis for my faith in a higher power. I see it as the source of the energy that many call God. I experience this through the angelic realm when I connect to the Archangels - Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael and Michael. The more I pay attention to how all of these relationships are connected and keep my heart open the more grace I seem to accumulate that keeps me in a magic zone with the various kingdoms resulting in more spiritual energy flowing through me. When spirit moves through a person in a group setting we all feel it, especially if we are closely connected to each other.

In my own work I have been going deeper into all of my energetic sources and into the relationships I have with all things. This work is providing me more depth of exchange with all of the kingdoms. I am especially interested in bringing more awareness into the areas I judge and find myself not open to because I have learned that this limits the amount of spirit that can flow to me from that particular source or kingdom. For instance, I have found myself judging and disliking certain types of plants I call weeds, and particularly ground cover weeds. They look unsightly, often have stickers (goatheads, thistles) and need to be mowed or pulled often. This year I decided to give them more of a right to be on my properties and to ask them to help me slow down the water flow and help decrease erosion on my driveway in particular. I can report that things haven't turned into a jungle, there has been less erosion and I have felt an exchange happening through my recognition of these plants having a purpose and right to be on my property. This is one example of many like this. The first thing I do is find the judgement, dislike or block, then I set out to change the relationship from my perspective and seek out the beneficial properties in things choosing to be around me. There must be a reason! It doesn't mean I let go of all of my boundaries, but it means I explore deeper relationships with things and give some things a chance for deeper expression creating a powerful alliance with these previously ignored possibilities.

These are some examples of how I see and work with spirit by creating more alliances with sources of energy, and this relationship gets stronger as I bring balance and representation of all the kingdoms into my intentions and creations. There's a lot more I can write about this and will expand on it if you ask me to. In the mean time I suggest reading the INTUITION chapter in HEALING, which you can check out and read for free in this same section WRITINGS of this website. Enjoy! David

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