Love - a man and the land

Love - a man and the land

Posted by David Elliott on 21st Jun 2018

This is a revision of some older writing I posted several years ago and it's even more pertinent today than it was when I originally wrote it.

I am a man of the land. Honestly, I don't know how many generations of farmers I come from, but I am certain the lineage goes back several hundred years and I have been the closest to breaking the connection of any of my forefathers. Recently I am being called back to the land and I get more and more excited each time I return to her. As a matter of fact it's becoming harder and harder for me to come back to heavily populated areas and I have always loved LA, but I feel my spirit telling me it's time to return to my roots - back to Mother Earth and Mother Nature. Of course my parenting responsibilities will bring me back to Los Angeles for some time, but maybe I will still be allowed some longer stints away in the mountains.

A vision I had 25 years ago showed me the land I would return to when I left the city. The land has materialized and is pulling very strongly these days. I hear the Mother's calling!

I hear Mother Earth calling, and I see this as a big picture for more than me. I see it tied into the evolution of man and the ways that consciousness, technology and communication are all playing a part. The talk of a one world society twenty years ago didn't make much sense, even ten years ago it didn't resonate that much. It is here now! We are connected as a one world society linked together by the medium of communication. Even with many of the same existing conflicts and wars happening we aren't isolated to it anymore. As a matter of fact we seem to have the capability to be in all events wherever they are happening on the planet. Everything is being recorded, which pulls us into the experience as it is happening. We have overlapped and we are connected to those we like and those we don't like, but the point is we are connected. This is changing the consciousness on the planet not only with man, but it is drawing all things together as we simultaneously realize how we are effecting each other. Of course man maybe the least sensitive to their effects on all of the other living species; nevertheless, something is happening for better or possibly for worse.

The opportunity for "better" would be played out by us unifying and coming together in peaceful ways of thinking and being. Choosing love and peace. Realizing how our thoughts are powerfully creating active results in the expression of Mother Earth and Mother Nature's health and well-being.

The possibility for "worse" can just as easily be played out by not caring, being consumed by greed and power. Choosing to be destructive and abusive to each other. Realizing how our negativity is becoming more powerful and has greater impact on the expression of Mother Earth and Mother Nature's need to be in balance.

When I first moved to LA, I remember a relative saying something about the "New Age Tree Huggers" in Southern California, and I realize now he was totally describing me and what I have not only become, but what I have always been! I love trees, I hug trees all of the time. I love rocks and I admire them constantly. I love Mother Earth, I always have. Mother Nature is my family, I belong to her! I have my priorities in order. My allegiance is to Mother Earth, Mother Nature and the land. I am an Environmental Guardian! The rest of this life will consist of my giving more of my energy to Mother Earth and Mother Nature and working to help share the importance of being a bridge helping man understand their impact on all of these very important interconnected life forms.

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