Couples Session

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Couple's Session's are an opportunity to clear up misunderstandings, and stuck energy in relationships. With over 25 years experience with individuals and couples, David has helped thousands from around the world live happier and more balanced lives.


The work begins with a check-in and discussion to address what is going on in the relationship. Once the discussion part of the session is complete we segue into the 2-stage Pranayama Breathwork meditation. David holds space and intuitively nudges the participants to release energetic blocks and negative beliefs. It is in this process that the deeper aspect of the healing occurs. 


David  works directly with individuals and couples in his healing room in Los Angeles, his home near Albuquerque, NM or over Zoom. Remote sessions require privacy and a quiet place to meditate. David encourages his clients to take notes and will occasionally gives 'homework' to help others continue their healing process at home.


Pricing: $475/session, 1 hour 15 mins


More than 2 people: add $100/per person for a similar time frame. If you're wanting something a little longer and more in depth you can email me your request and we can craft something to your needs.


To schedule an appointment pay here and email or he will contact you soon.

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