Healer Training - Levels 1-5, Omega Institute, Aug 15-20, 2021

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Omega Institute is handling all of the logistics with this training. Click on this link for more info and to register online https://www.eomega.org/workshops/the-healer-training-levels-1-5-0

* If you need to talk with someone please call 877-944-2002 and speak directly with Omega's registration staff. Omega's COVID safety protocols. https://www.eomega.org/covid-safety-protocols

** Required reading - The Reluctant Healer, and HEALING both books by David. Available on Amazon, Audible or local bookstores.


The Healer Training - Levels 1 - 5 Curriculum @ Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY

Date: August 15 - August 20, 2021

Arrive – August 15

Level 1 - August 16 – 9am – 5pm, level 1 will be covering the basics of the healing work including breathwork fundamentals, use of other healing tools such as David's line essential oil chakra blends, sage, palo santo, sweet grass, sound healing, as well as intuition exercises.

Level 2 - August 17 – 9am – 5pm, level 2 will be building on the foundation of level 1 to give the healer a more thorough understanding of how to be successful in the business side of healing work. We will be working into the concepts of self-love, exchange, money, value, abundance, and purpose to help you flourish in your life and career.

Level 3 - August 18 – 9am – 5pm, level 3 will use understanding gained in the first two levels and build the healing work into understanding group energies and leading group work. The main focus will be on leading breathwork circles, but this class can be applied to all group activities.

Level 4 (& some Level 5) - August 19 – 9am – 5pm, level 4 will consist of sharing how to make the healing work a sustainable life long practice and business. I will be sharing all of the ways I work to keep myself and my work spaces clean and clear. I will demonstrate how I work and engage with a spiritual altar that helps me anchor and stay grounded. I will also share and teach how to work intimately with the elements, the directions and all of natural kingdoms and explain why this is so important when we are doing energy healing with others. I will also be fielding and answering all questions about your practices and the healing work. Additionally I will include some of the material from the Level 5 class on this day too.

               August 19 – 7pm - 8:30pm creative expression night. Using creativity as a shortcut to healing – music, dance, writing – all creativity welcome!

Level 5 - August 20 - 9am - 12pm - level 5 is a class I teach on rare occasions. It involves working into the body to help people understand the connections of what they are holding in the body. I'm not teaching bodywork, but rather some of the energetic and emotional storage places where people hold energy in the body. I will be sharing how to use your intuition to sense and read into the body and how to use a very limited but precise amount of touch/pressure to help bring awareness to what is held in the body. I will also be teaching some deeper exchanges with essential oils and how they can be used to deepen the healing experience.




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