Healer Training - Level 2, LA, 4-17-20 (one day) (ONLINE)

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The class has been moved online due to the coronavirus. It will take place on Zoom and will cover the same material as the in person class. There's an option below to do a 2nd day with homework to get the full 2 days of credit, but I'd suggest signing up for the one day and you can decide on the 2nd day after Apr 17th.


This class will be taught by David. It's a special one day class prior to the Level 3 class on 4-18/19.


Level 2 – Self-Love, Exchange, Value & Worth.


A continuation of the work started in Healer Training - Level 1 with Breathwork as the foundational tool,  Level 2 further refines your technique as a healing artist and gives you a greater understanding of how to work with the breath and do healing work as a business.


Extensive discussion and guidance is given by David around the topics of self-love, exchange, value, worth and money.  This class has wide application and gets to the root of where you are stuck in life. The intention along with the material gently poke around in areas where you hold volatility and feel under-appreciated. It can have it's gritty moments, but overall the class is inspirational and fun. If you are ready to learn how these topics are all interrelated, you are ready to be set free.


*For those interested in the full 2 day class credit I am making this available to those wanting to do some homework. The extra credit will put you on course to get the full certification.


Homework for the extra credit will consist of answering all of the questions in HEALING and emailing those in a separate document to david@davidelliott.com  The remaining homework will be assigned to each person after the one day class.


You can sign up these ways:

1. $300 for the one day Level 2 option only

2. If you've signed up for the $300 option prior to this release, you can now add in the additional homework option for $200 resulting in the full class price of $500 and the full two days of class credit


Requirement: To read David's 2nd book HEALING, and to pay close attention to page 32 and the section on Exchange because it's the primary focus of this class. The book is available on Amazon, or on Audible as a audio book. You can also download it as a pdf for free here - https://www.davidelliott.com/writings/healing-/


Please review cancellation policy before booking


Date: Apr 17, 2020 - this is a one day class


Time: 9am - 5pm (lunch 12:30 - 1:30pm)


Location: Roam Meditation Center - (Frogtown location), 1492 Blake Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90031


Bring: yoga mat, notebook, pen, water bottle, and a lunch - if you don't want to go out for lunch


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