Healer Training - Level 1, London, 4-20-19

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Erin Telford, one of my certified teachers, will be teaching this class and here's the link to her class https://erintelford.com/training-events/2019/breathwork-healer-training-one-london


Learn the basics of the Healer Training work taught by David Elliott. In this first class you will learn about the 2-stage Pranayama Breathwork meditation, which is one of the foundational tools of the work. You will learn why the breath is used the way it is in clearing your mind and body of stuck energy. Exercises and partnered breakout sessions within the class are used to develop your connection to intuition, boost confidence around your gifts and talents to live freely, and open the heart to the power of self-love. The Level 1 class includes hands on training and guidance with all of David’s healing tools and extensive discussion about the work, the breath and what it is to heal yourself and others. This class is the first of four levels that prepare you to work with others and lead breath work circles.

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