Healer Training - Level 1 "In Person" classes in AZ, NM, CO

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These classes will all be taught by teachers we have trained and I am approving to teach my Level 1 class. We all use the same itinerary and the flow of the material will be the same as my class. The various locations are listed below with a link forwarding to each teachers class.


LEVEL 1 - HEALER TRAINING - in person classes

May 21 - 22, Mackensey Smith - Sedona, AZ  https://mackenseysmith.com/events/level-one-breathwork-healer-training/

June 4 - 5, Melodee Solomon - Cedar Crest, NM  https://www.melodeesolomon.com/schedule

June 10 - 11, Eliza Kane - Aspen, CO  https://elizarosekane.com/healer-training







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