Breathwork Healing Retreat @ Omega Institute, 9-20-19

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I'm excited to be leading a Breathwork Healing Retreat @ Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY, Sept 20-21, 2019

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Experience the power of Breathwork to heal, move energy, and improve your well-being with David Elliott.

If you have been feeling stuck, numbed out in life, or negatively affected by the uncertainty of events in the world, then Breathwork practices can offer you opportunities to open your heart and move energy that traps or no longer serves you.

This weekend we focus on physical and emotional healing, as well as heightened intention to access deeper parts of our intuition and awareness by using the Breathwork meditation practice that healer David Elliott has been sharing and teaching for 25 years. Explore the power of self-love and learn how to exchange this energy with others to create successful loving relationships, experience openings with creative expression, and participate in active healing practices of gratitude. You return home with effective tools that complement your existing practices and help you deepen your connection to your energy, intuition, the elements - Fall Equinox, and Mother Earth.



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