2023 New Events Being Scheduled Soon

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2023 New Events Currently Being Planned and Scheduled


Healer Training - Level 6  

This new class is being added to the curriculum of training in 2023 as more and more people are ready to go deeper in the work building a stronger foundation. This stronger foundation will allow people to have a broader base developing more intuition and guidance, and ultimately being able to do the work longer without draining one's personal energy and life force. We will be training in these areas:

1. Elements - forming deeper relationships with the elements - Mother Earth and all she provides, all water sources, the air we breathe, and fire in all forms

2. Directions - learning about the directions beyond the gps on our phones and the energies that each direction supports

3. Indigenous Cultures and Teachers - acknowledge, help and support these cultures, communities and traditions

4. Environmental Guardianship - learning ways to create a deeper exchange and flow of consciousness with Mother Earth and our Environment

5. Creating Offerings - from your own resources such as dried flowers and other plants, art projects such as songs and meditations - and learning to give back as an active exchange and flow of energy as a circle

6. Conscious Gardening - growing more of our own foods 

7. Working with Water - deepening your relationship with water as a vital precious resource. This step will bridge elemental and environmental work even more deeply into practical use, conservation and education about creating live drinking water.

* I am still meditating on the full curriculum for Level 6. The requests are many to broaden our base and strengthen the healing work as it has always been far more than breathwork. These relationships have proven to make the work more sustainable for me, as well as feeding the deeper flow of intuition and guidance from the other realms. People who have been in the work have been asking for this next step, so here we go!



Men's Retreat 

I am committing to leading a men's retreat this year - because it feels necessary and many men have been wanting this. The location will be at the ranch in Tres Piedras, NM https://www.davidelliott.com/creative-healing-arts-center/ I'm still working out the dates, but it will be late summer - July, Aug or Sept 2023. I will be be locking in the details by 1-1-23. Some of the initial ideas will consist of deeper opportunities to commune with nature in a high desert mountain environment. It won't be fancy and a few participants will have access to some lodging in a couple of rustic cabins, others will bring tents and camp, RV's will be welcome on the land too, as well there are some local airbnb rentals.



Healer Training Levels 1-5 in Europe

We're just starting to look at a 2023 event in Europe. We may return to Portugal.


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