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Take a breath and dive into your heart...

Private sessions with David Elliott are an opportunity to take the inner healing work even deeper. With over 20 years experience with individuals and couples, David has helped thousands from around the world live happier and more balanced lives.

The work begins with a check-in and discussion to address health and wellness concerns and set an intention for the session. The one-on-one attention then segues into the 2-stage Pranayama Breathwork meditation. David holds space and intuitively nudges the mind/body to help release energetic blocks and negative beliefs. It is in this process that the integration of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual occurs. In this connected space is the opportunity for the client to move forward and thrive from a grounded and heart centered space.

David  works directly with individuals and couples in his healing room in Los Angeles, his home near Albuquerque, NM or over the phone/skype. Phone and skype sessions require privacy and a headset. David encourages his clients to take notes and will occasionally give 'homework' to help others continue their healing process at home.

Pricing: $275/session, 1 hour 10 mins. Please contact him to schedule an appointment.

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