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Sunday, July 23rd @ 1pm, Pacific Time – Topic – Confronting your Addictions


We can start with the most talked about and work our way down the list: drugs, alcohol, sex, spending, sugar, internet, caffeine, carbs, working out, worrying, negativity, etc. Why do addictions exist? What are they robbing you from?


* Homework - pick an addiction and let’s work on it in this group. What happens when you fully confront it and release its hold on you?


I will be sharing things I have learned about addictions and how many of them are rooted in some type of abuse energy.


There will be a lot of grounded intention to help you bring light into these areas, so let’s work into bringing the addiction and ultimately the abuse energy to the light - clearing it and healing it once and for all. This will be a very big day for many of you!

* Please download the Free Conference Call app in advance of the group!


* I’ve brought the online/virtual Global Healing Groups (GHG) back and you can easily access these by yourself on your computer, or cell phone from any location. Set aside 1.5 hr. We will open by engaging with the topic as we set the tone for the breathing session, then we’ll do 30-minutes of active breathing, followed by some deep relaxation, and then close the group down. You will receive some powerful healing in the comforts of your own space. Once you sign up for the group you will receive more information about how to access the online group. Love, David

*ps...the fee is per device (computer, or phone), so you can have a group at your house and pay the one fee!

** (second reminder) Please download the Free Conference Call app in advance of the group! I'll send the access code after you have registered.


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