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Sunday, August 20 @ 1pm, Pacific Time - Topic – Choosing beyond the addiction to problems into Being Positive

Let’s pick a positive topic. Do you always need to be processing the challenges in your life? What happens when you focus on the positive, when you choose to reinforce and grow the love?


* Homework - pick something to be positive about the day before the group. Stick with your decision. Notice any resistance to staying positive.


* With this group we are going to take the high road and see how far we can go with grateful loving exchanges. I'll give you some examples about how to take the hardest lessons and find the way to make them a strength by changing the way you look at them. This is not easy to do, and it may just be the thing you are waiting for in life to change your whole perspective!

I’m making the healing work available again in an online (virtual) format and there have been many advances in technology since we were last offering these Global Healing Groups (GHG) in 2010. You can easily access these by yourself on your computer, or cell phone from any location. Set aside 1.5 hr. We will open by engaging with the material and some Q & A as we set the tone for the breathing session, then we’ll do a 30-minute breathing session and end with some Q & A. You will receive some powerful healing in the comforts of your own space. You can sign up for the groups individually, or for the series. Once you sign up for the group you will receive more information about how to access the online group.  See you on April 23th. Love, David


*ps...the fee would be per device (computer, or phone), so you can have a group at your house and pay the one fee!

Please download the Free Conference Call app in advance of the group!

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