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This process stumbled along for a couple of more days with John in his usual place as a writer—waiting, doubting and questioning. Then the moment of light occurred. He felt different this morning and sure enough the moment he lit a leaf of sage a big burst of light appeared around him. He was startled but relaxed rather quickly as he felt another presence around him. “Is that you, Sage?”


“Yes it is, Mr. River. It looks like you are ready to proceed.”


“I can’t wait to get started!”


“Good, we’ll jump right in. This is not going to be a story that starts in the beginning and goes ‘til the end. Rather, it is going to jump around. I will have to help you in your own understanding and evolution, so that you will be able to transmit the message for the Mother Earth to your people. I am not sure how quickly this will proceed, but here we go!


The mountain we have to climb with humankind is to educate your people about the cumulative effect of inhabitance on the Mother Earth. Yes, it is about pollution and the depletion of her resources. But even more important is the overall hostility and lack of concern and connection to all other life forms, including the Mother Earth herself. Why do I call the Mother Earth a she? Because She is a mother being who encourages and supports life in all forms and formats. She is a womb of wonder and a beacon of birth.


My job in working with you is to help you understand the ramifications of the direction that humanity is heading. I don’t know if the messages from Mother Earth will be received in any way that will truly influence human behavior, but we have to try. Don’t you agree?


I will jump right into one of the most complicated problems, and it is the use of and reliance on technology as opposed to the reliance on and connection to nature. Often created to advance humankind, technology has shown capability to unify humanity, bringing people together in new ways. Yet it also has a tendency to isolate individuals and bring out some of the worst in people. Your technology is heavily used in warfare and inflicting harm on each other. And still, the more important issue for us to work on is to educate humankind about your affect on all of earth’s strata—earth’s interior, surface, and atmosphere. What is happening inside of earth and in the atmosphere is far more important than what you can see on the surface.


Science has done well trying to bring awareness to global warming and conservation organizations have done well in identifying that there is a problem. However, the actual problem has yet to be accurately identified.


At this time, all of humanity is in the birth canal of conscious reality. All of the life forms are more deeply connected and layered in their existence now than ever before. The possibilities for this new birth are endless.


The message is so simple to talk about and yet so difficult to convey. The interconnectedness of all experiences that have happened from the beginning are accessible to you now. The question is what will you do with them. The lessons, challenges, mistakes and successes are here for you to use.”


John was listening intently and trying to keep up typing the message on his laptop. He stopped. Sage said, “I know you have questions coming. Try to keep listening and I will try to simultaneously answer you.”


Quite frankly, the world you live in is crazy. Your people have mutated to the point of disassociation from the natural world so much so that you are lethal to the Mother Earth. You are destroying Her rapidly with your actions and you are close to the point of no return. I know this doesn’t sound positive, rather, it is harsh by all intents and purposes. If things continue as they are, your civilization has less than twenty years left here.”


John couldn’t take it anymore. “Twenty years? What does that mean?” Trying to do the math John almost drifted away, but Sage continued.


“It means that the de-population of the Mother Earth will be underway soon. Most will be removed with a few natural disasters that will be catastrophic to say the least. She is done trying to be patient. Not only are you killing each other, but you are close to the destruction of the Mother as well.


At this point it has not been decided if it will be a total clearing, a planet devoid of the human species and most other life forms for another long sterilization period—this has happened before. You are not the first experiment gone bad. No, this has been tried many times and with each endeavor your species has gotten to this same place of evolution, and turned destructive. We are examining all of our inputs in the experiment.


Yes, the question that haunts you is, ‘Why me?’ I will try to explain it to you. You are a sensitive being with natural bridge-like communication ability for the Mother Earth. As soon as you accept this gift it will start to make sense. There are a few out there like you who are natural universal interpreters. You are able to hear and receive messages directly from the Mother Earth and impart them to the public. You and those like you are needed now to speak for the Mother Earth.


If drastic environmental changes do not take place in the next five to ten years the Mother Earth will rapidly lose her ability to sustain life. And more importantly, a lessening desire to try the experiment again is becoming a reality. The choice to leave earth as a natural setting with no superior type beings may be elected. There may be a cap placed on life so that no one species is able to gain the upper hand on the other. Earth would be a paradise reality with a certain level of consciousness but no exceptional levels, no one superior species, eliminating the possibility for human life, whether through evolution or creation. Life without humans could be sustainable and much easier on the Mother Earth.


Nevertheless, there are those sitting on the side of life, who are still lobbying for one more chance for humankind to redeem itself. The Mother Earth has the majority of voting and veto power and she has always shown a propensity towards birth and life of all kinds. Ultimately, what this means is she is tired. If she has another million years to hibernate and rest, there may be another opportunity for man to return. Rest assured, if you are banished it will be a long window of time before you will return.”


John was still thinking, “Why am I sitting here listening to this? Why me? If I die why do I care about how long it is before man returns?”


“All good questions my friend,” Sage countered. “As a human bridge for the natural world you have been born with responsibility for your people. That is why you have been resistant to work with them. You are unresolved about other lifetimes where you were responsible for life in many ways. This is part and parcel for who you are and where you are from.”


“Where am I from? Please, enlighten me.”


“From the Angelic realm you are recognized as a crystal filament of blue light. From the plant and animal kingdom you are recognized as a beam of green chlorophyll light. From the mineral kingdom you appear as a quartz clear light. From the water kingdom your light is seen as a blend of the blue and green light from the first two realms mentioned. From all the various kingdoms you are recognized as a relative and this is an important aspect of your gift. As has been said to you before, you’re not special from the natural world’s perspective—you are necessary. You have been blessed and cursed all at the same time with opportunities to shine. Most with your type of gifts have not used them well over time. This is the one area we are really looking into. How do we take the gifted ones and set them up to succeed?


We are realizing that responsibility has a tendency to be difficult for humans to accept and grow into, in their understanding and using of their gifts in their lives. You have not done well with what you have inherited from other lifetimes. This lifetime is very important for us as well as you on your journey, as light traveling through the Universe seeding various earth-like settings as a keystone to life itself. Again, don’t get too caught up in your being any more special that many others. You’re not! You are part of the whole, one ray of light in a myriad of rainbows. In the transmission of light you have a particular gift that is very rare among your kind. You have an ability to bring through this life-giving light in moments when you are tuned just right—tuned in neutral really. Where you are not thinking, but simply transmitting the universal energy flow (life-giving light) through you.


So, what does this all mean? It means you have come to a point of usage. You will either use this gift, take responsibility and lead your people—or not. The gift will not be transferred to your essence again, meaning it will be lost if not implemented and used in a good way.


John thought for a moment and said, “It always gets so serious at this point in the presentation. I’m special, I’m not special. I have gifts, but I don’t use them. I think way too much. I wish it would all go away. I guess that’s the responsibility part. I don’t want to be responsible for others, I don’t want to lead the people. Who are the people, anyway?”


“They are human beings just like you—all of humanity, really. The Mother Earth cannot sustain you anymore. Resources are one thing, but it’s more of a negative energy thing. The collective energy has tipped to an acidic level that would be against the Mother’s belief to allow your kind to populate any of the closer constellations with more who think like you. The councils of life are firmly against it.”


“I don’t understand how you can wipe the slate clean of all people when not everyone is contributing negative energy to the whole, even if the majority are negative.”


“We could suffer grave consequences if we allowed you to take the life of the Mother Earth. She is more fragile than you know. Many of her sisters in the Universe have had life extinguished from them when they did not exert more control over certain life forms. Usually the sentient beings with a considerable level of intelligence have been at the center of the conflicts because they consider themselves the most important species, and they are not. It is more about equality and balance for all life forms and consciousness’s.


There will be a purification happening deep inside the Mother Earth. Volcanic activity will be great. Mountains will burst open and release her fluids. Water will rise again to great flood levels. There will be a few pockets where small communities of seed stock will remain, but they may not make it through the hibernation period for Mother Earth. If she turns off all of the energy for a long window of time then all life as you know it will cease to exist on the planet. There will be some life forms that find ways to survive deep inside the Mother, but life on the surface will be impossible.”


John started to squirm. “Why does it need to be so violent and full of death? I mean, why can’t you get the message across without annihilation? It will send things back to the ice ages.”


“That’s the whole point. Some experiments are not successful. This last experiment has been tumultuous to say the least. We have tried everything from all of the invisible realms. We have interfered enough with the trajectory of this project.”


“What project? I mean, why does it sound so sterile? We are human. We make mistakes. We can change.”


“That is what we hoped for, waited for and even prayed for. We have longed for humankind to change the way you think and live, but it’s only getting worse. You have little regard for the Mother Earth as a being. She is treated literally like dirt, in your words. She is a vastly feeling, sentient life form much like you, or maybe from your perspective She might be more like the great blue whale. Too big for her own good, too sensitive to exist with most other beings. Her closest friends or relationships would be with the moon, other planets and the sun. They have great compassion for her and sympathize her plight.”


“What does that mean?” He no longer waited for Sage to answer his thoughts. He was on edge, but also feeling inspired by his concern.


“The Mother Earth is indeed your Mother, without her you would not be here. She has birthed life many times over for all of life, on this planet and beyond. She is a fertility beaker for much of the life throughout the Universe. Other planetary systems have the ability to support life once it is established and tuned to the requirements of that system. However, the Mother Earth is the birthplace for sentient life. Life most like you, life you are familiar with, including animals and creatures who have an ability to think, feel and have a heartbeat. Many life forms including human have left this solar system in prior millennia to seed other parts unknown to your scientists until now. Soon they will be exploring regions where others have gone, as well as preparing expeditions and evacuations to some of these regions in the near future. A mass exodus is being planned for the so-called “elite people” in the next five years. They will venture to stations on the moon and Mars to start, and once adapted to space life and travel they will be escorted along to other star systems where your relatives have been living for long durations. There is a common pact amongst the elite to provide safe haven for a period of time for all evacuees.




the baptism The Baptism is a fictional novel that starts in 2011, when the story of a man who is at a turning point in his life began coming to me in a series of vignettes. The story follows one main character, John River, who has an ongoing supernatural experience with the Mother Earth. I hope you have as much fun reading this story as I’ve had writing it and I encourage comments and feedback because my vision for this journey is an interactive one. You can subscribe here to receive new chapters by email, and view the Table of Contents. Enjoy!

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  1. Robin Ruocco Poling says:

    As I read this chapter I feel the tears flow of their own accord, knowing what Sage speaks is true. No story or fictionalized concept can mask it. There is so much awakening for our kind to be accomplished and little time within which to accomplish it. With an open heart I ask for guidance and support from all that is good in this Universe to take the right next steps in healing my heart, the hearts of all humanity and the great heart of Mother Earth.

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