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THIS CLASS IS ABOUT LEADING GROUPS - working with group energy and understanding group dynamics.

There will be direct examples given as David will lead a group breathwork session each day and teach about his moment to moment process, as well as the whole experience from creating the class topic, working with the energy of the group in the weeks prior to getting together, all the way through to leading and closing down a group.

Added elements and topics we will explore: 
- Groups have a tendency to stir up discomfort and unresolved trauma from childhood situations. I’ve found this can cause much apprehension around leading groups and what to do when conflict occurs. We will work on bringing this awareness to the surface and clearing it in the breathwork on Saturday
- We will be covering group situations inclusive of leading breathwork circles, as well as longer venues such as two day workshops like this one, and longer retreats on location with varied topics, and working with other leaders and teachers
- I’ll explain some of the differences between working in a familiar space that you have more control over to traveling to location w/ a group of people.
* New material - I will be adding in new material about “Creating Sacred Ceremony” with this group and demonstrate this at the end of the day on Sunday
* New Material that may turn into a Healer Training - Level 5 class - Grounding and keeping clear energetic boundaries with online workshops and social media. Most of this information is coming out of my work with people who are feeling more and more drained as they are doing more work and spending countless hours promoting and living their lives on social media.
- New people will be allowed to join this class because it does stand on it’s own. Ideally people would have taken Level 1 or 2, so there is some familiarity about the healing work. If you are new then the minimum will be to read The Reluctant Healer, and HEALING to get familiar with the information
- Homework for the class - create a Flyer/Post of a sample group that you could see yourself leading or have lead in the past - points to include are: Topic, Date, Time, Location, and Cost
July 20 - arrivals
July 21 - 22 - class
9am - start time
5pm - close


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