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The ferret slithered in about this time. He lay on a rock close to John, waiting for his moment to speak. As John was really getting it, the weasel had his two cents to chime in. “Bravo!” he exclaimed. “You finally get it, got it. Got what?”


John said, “The truth about the heart. I feel the truth about love and being in the heart with my experience of life, and when I am in this place nature dances for me. There is no mistaking the energy. This energy connects me to everything. I feel it, hear it, taste it, smell it, see it. There’s no disputing it as the glue that holds the Universe together. I believe in the light and the power of love. My brain pales in comparison.”


“You may be in for a big surprise,” said the smiling ferret. “Who cares about your feelings of connection to the Universe but you? It seems fake, like someone searching for something because they have nothing. I don’t mean to sound negative, but you sound like a loser to me.”


John turned to look at the ferret, or was he a weasel? “Who exactly are you? I don’t remember inviting you or your opinion here, so why don’t you scoot on off to your den?”


“Touchy, huh?” the ferret smirked. “I’m only here to keep you honest. Just look at your life. You’re a lonely loner all alone. You’re probably crazy.”


“I’m definitely crazy! Who in their right mind would sit here being ridiculed by a weasel?” he said.


“A ferret,” the little creature snapped.


“I don’t care what you are, all I know is you sound like the doubting, unsatisfied part of my brain that Mother Earth has been helping me to let go of, so I request of you to leave. Get lost!” John waved his hand dismissingly.


“I beg your pardon?” the ferret chirped.


“I said get lost!” John repeated.


The ferret weaseled off down the side of the stream. John felt relieved. He had actually stood up to negativity in a new way. Obviously, the ferret was there to bring his awareness to something. Aha, he got it. The Mother Earth was behind this, too. It was another test, or was it? At least it seemed like she was behind everything these days.


This thing about the heart was important and still John wondered why he had to get it so clearly. Isn’t life a bundle of mysteries and contradictions? Everyone tries to figure things out in their life—it’s normal.


“A lonely loner all alone!” That weasel sure knew how to hit below the belt. John found himself reviewing that comment a lot more than he’d like to think about it. Why did it bother him? He was a loner most of the time, all alone, just not lonely. But something about it hit John in the belly. Was he rebelling from society? Normalcy? Typical existence? Or, was he on his own journey in life? A solo route of discovery. He truly never felt lonely, not in the typical sense. He never cared for mindless chatter. He really lived to exist with nature and the feeling of independence and freedom.


As his mind wondered, he noticed an apple tree near the edge of the stream. He was very hungry and the tree was loaded with apples. He walked over to the tree and reached for a low hanging fruit. When the apple released into his hand John felt an immense gratitude for this tree and this fruit. Before he tasted the apple he gave thanks to the Mother Earth for the abundance in front of him. His mouth started to water. When he tasted the apple, tears rolled to his eyes as he marveled at the beauty of life before him. There were honeybees, butterflies and ravens flying all around. It was like the tree was being celebrated for giving birth to so much life. And suddenly before him John saw a line of loaded fruit trees—apple, peach, pear and apricot. He walked along admiring each and every tree, picking one low-hanging fruit off of each. By the time he reached the end of the line he had an upturned shirt bottom full of various fruit. He felt more than abundant, very rich with a harvest of life force! As he stepped forward a light appeared in the red rock walls in front of him. The light led him to the hidden entrance of a small cave. Again John thought, “Why am I here? Where am I?” Still, he continued forward, almost trance-like in his gait. As he entered the cave he bowed down to fit through the tiniest of entrances, completely hidden from the common eye.


John walked in with his load of fruit and let his eyes adjust to the apparent darkness, with the dim light still leading him forward. There was a tunnel there for him to follow and he continued walking. He felt himself being let into the heart of Mother Earth. He came to a large, circular opening, something like an amphitheater. There was a natural basket-like basin in the middle of the floor of this underground cave. John walked over and gently placed the fruit inside the basin. He settled on down to the floor and the light dispersed to several reflective mantles in the room. John stayed present to the moment and decided to remain open instead of trying to figure things out. He smiled to himself and thought, “I’ll just enjoy the show.”


He remembered that he was hungry, so he elected to try a peach. As he bit into the peach the most amazing, sweet nectar flowed down his arms. His saliva glands gushed so much wetness that he thought he might choke on the liquids moving down his throat. He thought, “I could live here. I’m not alone. I’m never alone.” A deep contentment washed over him. The next thing he knew he leaned back on the rock floor and fell asleep.


He dreamt as he slept, he wept as he dreamt and the Mother contained him in her bosom. He lay cuddled with the fruit vibrating life force into the crown of his head. John could have died in this moment. He was in heaven. He did not want to come back, but the Mother nudged him to awaken. “It is time my son, you have rested enough,” She said to him. He moaned and groaned as he wrestled for a little more respite. But no, it was time to wake up!


Suddenly his eyes were staring up at the blackened roof of the cave. Was it black or just dark from lack of light, he thought? He heard a whisper, “It’s never too late.”


He repeated, “It’s never too late? What does that mean?” He sat up feeling rested, and ever so curious. He looked around the cave. He kept feeling the floor of the cave, because as he was sleeping he knew he’d felt a heartbeat or pulse coming from the rock floor. “What is this place?” he asked aloud.


“It’s never too late,” he heard again.


“Too late for what?” he raised his voice.


“It’s never too late for you to find your faith. For you to discover who you are, to understand what you are here to do,” he heard.


“You’re right about that!” he said. “I’d love to know what all of this is about right here and now. If you know, please tell me.” He knelt down and placed his forehead on the rock floor. “Please tell me. It’s never too late to know the truth.” He began to weep and his tears started to form pools of moisture in the tiny basin where the fruit was lying. John cried for himself, his life and the Mother Earth. “Please forgive me, I know not what I do. I know not who I am except that I am a lonely traveler trying to find my way in a land where I have no allegiance to those like me. I have a strange connection to something I can’t explain. It’s crazy and I don’t know if I am losing my mind. These things happening to me don’t make sense anymore and I don’t even care. All I want to do is to finish this thing, get on with it so I can be left alone.”


He opened his eyes and saw that the fruits were floating in the natural basin filled with his tears. As he watched, the fruit began to circle the basin. He realized that the small pool of water was gently spinning from its center. John watched this amazing display of energy and motion. It was a natural vortex. He opened his heart to the dance of the energy, fruit and water. Suddenly the fruit swirled faster and began to rise up, spinning in a tighter and tighter circle. He began to play with the fruit with his imagination. The fruit glowed with light and danced in and out of the configuration. It moved in circles, figure-eights and straight lines. The fruit turned to tennis balls, fireballs and back to fruit. Then the floor opened deeper into the Mother Earth. It was like a huge belly button. The fruit turned into a spinning vortex of light moving deep into the earth. Suddenly John was suspended in the stream of light with his arms outstretched, the light flowing completely through him from deep inside the earth, up and out of the cave. It was never too late for him to experience this. It was never too late for him to realize the Mother Earth wanted to work through him. That was her message to him. He reached out his hand and caught another peach and the vortex stood still. He sat down on the floor of the cave and ate the peach. He was deep in thought as he chewed on the ripe fruit, not noticing the nectar of this particular peach as it ran down his arm. Now he knew. The Mother Earth wanted to express energy through him in a spinning vortex sort of way. Was there any way for verification?


Much to his surprise, he heard the gentlest rendition of the voice he had been hearing from time to time. She said, “It’s never too late for you to find your faith. For you to discover who you are, to understand what you are here to do. It is time.”


“OK,” he said. “I am ready. What do you ask of me to do?”


“You have a mission to bring balance to many places where I suffer because of the unconscious actions of man. Most of your kind do not think about me and the garden I create for you to thrive and prosper. Many just take and do not give back. You are different, my son, and I hope through you that others can be taught about the ways of harmony and balance. You are different because you have always been different, even if you don’t remember. You do not yet know how to bring balance to the energy centers of my body, and that will be one of the tasks you will have to remember and become conscious about. You can help me and I ask for your help now.


“Of course, Mother Earth, I will do anything to help you. Just tell me what to do. Should I call you Mother, Mother Earth, Mother Nature?” he asked.


He heard a sigh. “Thank you for asking my name, dear one. What you call me does not matter. How you call me will become an art form. I will guide you, but now I need you to have faith and trust your gifts. I need you to come forth and use the instincts that have been a distraction up until now. I know you have been impatient with this process and I hope to help you understand its unfolding now.”


John relaxed on the rock floor again. He started to reflect on the words that had been spoken to him, questioning. “It’s never too late for me to find my faith? Do I even know what faith is? What was that spinning feeling? I have never felt anything so magical and strong as that. Do I bring balance to places by letting you spin energy through me? Or is that spinning energy something I have to create?”



John stood up and spread his arms wide. He imagined the feeling of the spinning energy. Nothing happened. “How am I supposed to bring healing to you if I don’t know how I did it—or how you did it?” he asked. For once he didn’t get flustered or sarcastic. He remembered the most important step. “Let me open my heart,” he said. Suddenly he felt lighter. He heard a creak and groan from inside the floor beneath his feet. A deep sadness moved up through his feet and passed through him. He understood grief as he never had before, but he didn’t need to crumble to the floor and cry. No, he stood up taller and opened his heart more fully. His spine popped between his shoulder blades.


He heard a soft whisper, “That’s it.”


John stood on his toes, rolled onto the sides of his feet and then onto his heels. Electricity started to pulse through him, then fire and water began to pour out of the rocks as a gentle breeze picked up around him. It started to swirl in a clockwise motion from his feet upward. Wind poured out of every pore, water started to be absorbed into his body, then the wind transformed into light pulsing out of his pores. Suddenly he heard a gentle laughter through the walls of the cave. Was somebody coming? John found himself being gently placed outside of the cave. He was a little disappointed, thinking, I had some questions I wanted answered. Then he chuckled, “What questions?”

the baptism The Baptism is a fictional novel that starts in 2011, when the story of a man who is at a turning point in his life began coming to me in a series of vignettes. The story follows one main character, John River, who has an ongoing supernatural experience with the Mother Earth. I hope you have as much fun reading this story as I’ve had writing it and I encourage comments and feedback because my vision for this journey is an interactive one. You can subscribe here to receive new chapters by email, and view the Table of Contents. Enjoy!

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