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There she was sitting in front of him and she was offering a pipe to him. He bowed down before her before taking the pipe. He chose not to look at her because caution was the best policy in this moment. She asked him to take the pipe. “It is yours,” she said. “Take it.” He took the pipe and she waved her hand over the bowl, igniting the eternal flame. He brought the stem to his lips and drew a deep breath into his lungs. The smoke awakened the memories inside his lungs about his walk with these people of the earth. He still refused to make eye contact with her. She said, “Look at me, my son. It is your right.”

He looked at her and when he did he became overwhelmed again, because he felt he was meeting his Mother for the first time. There was a twinkle in her eye as she saw him recognize that he was home.

She said, “I am like a mother to you my son, but I am not your Mother. Accept my nurturance as a sign that you are almost home; continue on your journey and the rewards will be great. You will keep the pipe and it will become a trusted beacon of truth for you to call upon. A red-tailed hawk screamed overhead. Again, he was uncertain if it was night or day. The hawk landed nearby and hopped to the pool to drink. As John looked from the hawk back to her, she was gone. He was certain that being was known as White Buffalo Calf Woman. She was beautiful beyond belief.

“What a strange trip this has been!” he said, laughing, and started to stretch his legs. The pipe had not disappeared. It was still there. “I wonder if this will travel through with me when I leave this place?” he thought. He was very attached to the pipe already. Then he noticed the red-tailed hawk was still there. She. John assumed she was a she because of the way she looked at him. He wondered, “Why does the feminine have so much interest in me? It seems like they all have something to say to me.”

The hawk sent him a laser-sharp message, “Do not rest on the attention you are getting. It is time for the keenest sight you can muster. Be clear about the signs. Don’t lose focus. This is where you have missed the mark in times gone by. You were the special child who got the attention from the mothers. Don’t miss your chance to make it right this time.” She flew away, leaving a red tail feather floating on the water. John leaned down to pick it up and laid it next to the pipe.

“Don’t miss the chance to make it right this time!” he repeated. I hope I don’t miss anything, he thought as he stroked his forehead, fearing another swipe of the whip of the tongue. He looked around cautiously as it began to rain. John thought he needed shelter, though the rain wasn’t heavy yet. Suddenly a turtle waddled by. John decided to follow the turtle a few steps and sure enough, a cave opened up right in the rocks where he had been lying for days. It was like an earth house or an earth ship. The mother ship, he thought. It rained hard outside, the winds blew and a waterfall appeared in front of the cave. The water was flowing into the hole he had been sitting in. It was beautiful. A large bull elk walked into the opening. He bent down to smell the pipe and the pipe was absorbed into his antlers. John wanted that pipe. The elk looked at him and offered, “I’ll keep it safe for you. When you need it, come find me.”

“How?” John shouted. “How do I find you?” The elk walked on. It had no more messages for John. The rain finished and as he looked around, he saw that the place was brimming with more life than before. There were trout in the pools, and a huge grizzly sweeping its paws in the water to catch the fish. Parrots, dragonflies, frogs, grasshoppers, roadrunners and peacocks of the most magnificent colors—it truly was a sight to behold. John wasn’t so pleased with the appearance of a great many snakes—water moccasins, rattlers and copperheads. Just the most dangerous of all the snakes he knew about. “I’m sure they’re OK,” he thought. “I mean, everything else has been safe. I’m just not a fan of snakes!”

Here they came, slithering right towards him. What, was he wearing some attractant? “Love,” the ferret whispered. “They love the scent of love. Nature loves the frequency of love. It’s a vibration they feel safe with. If you shut down the love they will all go away.”

John decided on that note to keep the love flowing. It was time to heal this old wound with serpents, even if it was a bit challenging. He opened his heart a little wider. He sent love to the elk, to the grizzly, parrots and even the snakes. They continued towards him and began to crawl all over his body. They stared him straight in the eye and then he heard something like a trumpet blowing very loudly. He looked overhead as an angel floated down from the heavens with a trumpet in his hands.

“I recognize you, you’re Archangel Gabriel!” John exclaimed. The angel just looked at him. “Well, I could be wrong but I have always felt a certain connection to you. You announce the coming of things,” John continued. Suddenly very large wings opened on the angel’s back. He blew the trumpet one more time and flew away.

the baptism The Baptism is a fictional novel that starts in 2011, when the story of a man who is at a turning point in his life began coming to me in a series of vignettes. The story follows one main character, John River, who has an ongoing supernatural experience with the Mother Earth. I hope you have as much fun reading this story as I’ve had writing it and I encourage comments and feedback because my vision for this journey is an interactive one. You can subscribe here to receive new chapters by email, and view the Table of Contents. Enjoy!

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