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Oct 26 - 29, 2018


Fri, Oct 26
1:00P Arrivals in afternoon
6:00P Dinner
7:00P Opening Circle - Asking for the Healing and Support you need


Sat, Oct 27
7:30A Yoga
8:30A Breakfast
10:00A Group – Identifying and dealing with the relationships costing you joy and life force energy
12:30P Lunch
3:30P Group – Using minerals to help you anchor, clear and heal
6:00P Dinner
8:00P Breathing – Feeling Self Love as the Active Part of the Breathwork


Sun, Oct 28
7:30A Yoga
8:30A Breakfast
10:00A Group – Reading through the smoke screens of social media
12:30P Lunch
3:30P Group – Ceremony - using the Elements - earth, air, fire and water to Heal - active demonstrations
6:00P Dinner
8:00P Breathing - Sacred Love, Life and Family


Mon, Oct 29
7:30A Breakfast
8:30A Closing Circle - Completion
12:00P Departure



On site: $625

Off site: $500 and stay at local airbnb's or @ Elaine's BnB

Location: fly into Albuquerque, NM - Sandia Park is 30 minutes from the airport in the East Mountains

PHONE: 505-286-4885


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