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Hey Friends,

This is a reach out to all of my friends, actually this is to the people like Susie from London. It's nice to know you care and that you are a "spiritual stalker - in a good way". It's good to know you have been checking to see what writing is coming out of me (or what lack of writing on the blog that you have reminded me of!).

Anyway...I appreciate your reach, your message and your love. I know life has been rough for you these last few years and with the support of friends like you who have been through so much, I know I can share more. Thanks for the push to get me back sharing more of my writing. I'm on it! Love, David

5 thoughts on “Friends”

  1. Faye says:

    Hi David, I’m glad you wrote this post. I was getting a little worried, you’ve been so quiet. Sending lots of LOVE, fairy dust, smiles and fire your way. Breath all the Love in, from all your friends, eagle, hawk, hummingbird and the Universe. Love, Faye

  2. David says:

    Thanks Faye! As I told Susie I have been working on my book and focusing most of my writing there and she said there’s always room to write a little about the garden and the greenhouse and the weather. I got the message – fire, fairy dust, smiles and all. Thanks! Love, David

    1. Rita says:

      Yeahhhhhhhh!!!! I agree, I agree!!!! LOVE, Rita

  3. Susie Q says:

    Thank you David, your appreciation means a lot. You have kicked my bottom area in the past and it feels right to reciprocate LOL.
    You taught me to live with my heart open and to be able to live through these tough times, staying alive has been the greatest time when my friends, family and my animals truly carry me, I can do that for you and I know there are many others that would do the same.
    Sending you & your family LOVE & Light Susie x

  4. Jennifer Savino says:

    This is good!!! Just sprinkling a little fairy dust too. Keep your inspiration to in-spirit-us – thankyou David.

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