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Level 4 – High Level Awareness

This class completes the Healer Training series and is the final step in receiving certification from David as a trained Healer (You may still take the class even if you haven’t completed all the levels). The flow of the class is structured around answering deeper questions about the healing work and situations that may arise while working with clients and groups. Many examples are given about how to stay clear and how to work at even higher levels of awareness. David goes in depth about all of his approaches to the work (how he sets up and uses an altar, deeper application of the tools, and specific ways to develop your intuition).

Healer Training Level 4 is truly never the same class twice. It is offered every year around the summer solstice in Joshua Tree. The group utilizes the energy of the desert and  summer solstice to deepen the work.

* special recognition for Father's Day

Date: June 23 - 24, 2018

Time:  Saturday- class 9am - 5pm; visit Joshua Tree Nat'l Forest  7pm - 9pm

Sunday- class 9am - 5pm; final ceremony - 7pm - 10pm in Joshua Tree Nat'l Forest

Location:    (book rooms early, the inn fills up fast!)

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