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Conference Calls: Monday nights @ 6pm, PDT                                                                                                                                   
Cost: $60 per month
Conference calls: will be recorded, so you can access the meeting if missed
Call in number: 605-468-8008; Access code: 953159#
To get the Playback number to hear the recording: contact

Submit request to join the group bottom of the page

The intention for this group is to create a platform that supports people in creating and expressing themselves through the written word. The first writer's group started in February, 2008. The conference call has allowed us to have people calling in from all over the planet. We also have a private Facebook where you can post material and check in whether you can make the calls or not. This gives the writer great flexibility to stay connected and be part of this creative community. Lot's of wonderful material has been and is being created through these groups. Join in if this moment is right for you.

My role as the facilitator will be to help people set intention about their work and provide support with the creative process. I am not signing on as the writing coach, or editor. To repeat - my primary purpose will be to help people get started and stay committed to their process. As the group process continues there will be opportunities each week for people to share their work.

* To join the writer's group you will need to submit this information to David - when there is a waiting list I will leave that notice here.
1. What is your intention for the writer's group? What do you plan on accomplishing and contributing here?
2. What will you commit to writing? Is it a certain amount per day, or per week? (i.e. 1 pg/day, 1 hr/day, 10 minutes/day, 2 chapters/wk, etc.)
3. Join by registering for the group - currently there is open space to join.

My Expectation of You - you will show up and be clear about what you are working on and accomplishing. You will receive support as a member of like-minded people bonded together and sharing their creations!

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